Sean McDermott Mixed Foursomes Matchplay Final - Thursday 23 June 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen last night the final of the Sean McDermott Mixed Foursomes Matchplay took place between the teams of Dolores Mason and Mal Kellett versus Madeline Nugent and Stephen Murray. Great to see a good few members come down to watch the final and support the 2 teams on what was a very warm evening in Old County. Shout out to Jim Milligan who worked hard in the background in the clubhouse on getting the cup polished up and have it glistening ahead of the presentation. Thanks Jim.

Our Competitions Secretary, Kevin Bermingham, called the 2 teams together and got the match started bang on 6.30pm. What a start it was for Dolores and Mal (Jurgen Klopp must have given them the team talk beforehand) as they were on fire for the first 3 holes and went 3 up after 3. Could they sustain that pace the onlookers were thinking. It wasn’t long before Madeline and Stephen got into their stride and with a few 2’s and excellent 3’s they had turned the match around by the 9th hole to go 1 up. 

Madeline and Stephen went from strength to strength after that, winning 11, 12 and 15 to go 4up. Dolores and Mal used their shot wisely on 16th to bring the match back to 3 down but Madeline and Stephen finished the first 18 strongly winning 17 and 18 to be 5 up at the halfway stage.

Maybe a drink of water at the halfway stage would revive Dolores and Mal for the 2nd 18?  Naaaaaa, unfortunately they needed something stronger than that.  Madeline and Stephen continued the 2nd round where they left off and went 6 up after 20 and 7 up after 23. (By the way, for a Mixed Scotch Foursomes match their were plenty of 2’s in this one).

As the match reached the 27th hole Madeline and Stephen remained 7 up, a win on the 28th by Dolores and Mal brought them back to 6 down but the next hole saw the lead go back to 7 again. The 30th (12th green) was halved in 3’s and that was that, a fine 7&6 victory for Madeline and Stephen.

Congratulations to Madeline and Stephen, what a come back from 5 down after 8 holes in the quarter finals, to eventually come through that match by the narrowest of margins and then go all the way to the final and become Sean McDermott Mixed Foursomes Champions 2022. A lesson for us all, never give up.

Congratulations to the runners-up also, Dolores and Mal. You played well all week and gave those watching some fine entertainment, just on this night you came up against a strong pairing who worked well together as a team.

Thank you to our Competitions Secretary, Kevin Bermingham, for once again running a well organised competition. To the Grounds Team, the course is looking amazing, the greens and the whole course looked fantastic in the sunshine last night. Hats off to yeee all, we are so lucky to have a great team of volunteers who give up so much of their free time for the enjoyment of all members. Thank you so much. A few ol' amateur photos to wrap it up:







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