Tom Doyle / Anne Keane Results

The 2nd of the Tier II events took place after Stephen Power won the 1st and in perfect weather and with the course playing firm but very fair the scoring was very hot as is regularly the case. Two names are starting to appear regularly at the head of events and when the updated POTY tables are announced they will be well out in  front. It is Tom o'Reilly and Pauline Balfe. 

Tom celebrated his engagement last weekend but he did not take his eye off the ball and shot a stunning 88 G to win it back after Karl Murphy won in 2018. Karl put in a great defense and with 89 just missed out on retaining it. Stephen Power won the 2nd 36 Gross and Andy Lowe is back in the winners circle after an excellent 45. In the Inters Anthony Parsons was late getting started and he has found his form posting 100. Gerry Clarges our secretary took the 2nd 36 Gross with 104 and the 18 Gross was won by Luke Birrell, welcome back Luke, great to see him back and he too has not taken long to find his form. 

In the Juniors Joe Byrne has been a regular winner this season and he was back on the leaderboard on Sunday as well. Michael Quinn fresh from his win at the CAptains is back on the podium  and lovely see Noel Daly winning the 18 GRoss. 

Behind Pauline Balfe who took the Anne Keane Cup was Vera Glennon, Laura Whelan and Agnes Redmond  and in the B section, it was Lucy Quinn, Angela Smith and Vera Moore. 

Well done to all the winners below. 

Overall: Tom O’Reilly -  88G

Gents Senior 36 Gross (1) – Karl Murphy 89

Gents Senior 36 Gross (2) – Stephen Power 91 (o.b.9)

Gents Senior 18 Gross -  Andy Lowe 45

Gents Inter  36 Gross (1) – Anthony Parsons 100

Gents Inter 36 Gross (2) –  Gerry Clarges 104

Gents inter 18 Gross -   Luke Birrell – 49

Gents Junior 36 Gross (1) – Joe Byrne  116

Gents Junior 36 Gross (2) –  Michael Quinn  122 (o.b.9)

Gents Junior 18 Gross -   Noel Daly – 57

Ladies Overall: Pauline  Balfe -  93N

Ladies A 36 Gross (1) – Vera Glennon 113

Ladies A 36 Gross (2) –  Laura Whelan 116

Ladies A 18 Gross -  Agnes Redmond 57

Ladies B 36 Gross (1) – Lucy Quinn 128

Ladies B 36 Gross (2) – Angela Smith 133

Ladies B 18 Gross -  Vera Moore 63


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