Weekend Results: Stunning Score at the weekend

The Weekend competition might be the side show to the Winter leagues but it took centre stage at the weekend with some incredible scoring. At the head of affairs was Jim Milligan with a brilliant 32 Nett, after a difficult year in 2017, great to see Jim back playing and playing so well, what a score from him. Paul Griffin was the top senior with a 43. Conor O'Shea continues to impress with a 38. This was matched by Ann with a 38 and Josie Kane was also in the winner circle with a 38. Watch out for their cuts at the weekend, there will be some big ones. Well done to all the winners. 

Weekend Competition - January 26th - 28th. 

Senior Winner: Paul Griffin   43 Nett ( Temp Cut of 1 Shot)

Inter Winner: Conor O'Shea  38 Nett ( Temp Cut of 4 Shots)

Junior Winner: Jim Milligan 32 Nett ( Temp Cut of 10 shots)

Ladies A Winner: Ann O'Shea 38 Nett ( Temp Cut 4 Shots)

Ladies B Winner: Josie Kane  38 Nett ( Temp Cut 4 Shots). 

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